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We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

About us

Learn more about our mission, history and team. We also offer relevant information for press in this section.

The UN Guidelines on Corporate Accountability exist since 2011. The discussion about the German Supply Chain Act, especially about the complexity, cost and competitiveness, drove us to develop bizpando, a freemium platform designed to help exactly on these issues.

We have the ambitious goal to unite buyers, suppliers, customers and partners in a global network along entire supply chains, to support them to do, what seems self-evident: Meet the requirements on human rights and environmental standards.


We support you by making it efficient and cost effective.

We saw the issues and we saw the solution, so our team and partners united their talents and expertise to develop the best platform, material and infrastructure for you, to assess your and your supplier’s compliance on corporate accountability.

mission and vision

Our Vision

It is our vision to create the first global B2B network for CSR where everyone is able to benefit from sustainable, standardized and simplified processes along the whole supply chain.

Our Mission

To achieve this, we are building a Freemium compliance platform that combines global corporate collaboration with marketplace efficiency.
bizpando connects the world of commerce to enable transparent supply chains with lowest effort and costs. We do that with an organically growing network of companies that easily invite each other and automatically share their compliance information with relevant stakeholders.

Our Team


In 2011, our core team was founded by six dedicated people with an IT background. Our areas of expertise are among others: Process consulting, project management, software development and sales. Whether as CIO in large companies, project managers of SAP implementation projects, software developers or as a process-oriented sales specialist, we have many years of working experience as consultants in the upper midmarket and at corporate level.

bizpando was founded in 2022. Over time, our team was complemented by various other team members from different backgrounds. In addition to that, bizpando is supported by leading professors in the fields of law and sustainability, who substantially contributed to the development of the self-assessment tools and questionnaires and by other partners. We are united and driven by our calling to support those who want to change the world.






















What is the meaning behind "bizpando"?


Pando is the latin word for “I spread” and the name for the Pando tree. The tree, which is also known as the trembling giant, is the world's most massive clonal organism located in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah.

The organism spreads from a single root system. The tree symbolizes our understanding and vision for bizpando – a business network for compliance of companies along the supply chain.

Our tree logo is the representation of bringing business, humanity and nature together.

Our goal is to connect them so that everyone can benefit from each other.

This leads to positive impact on human rights, environmental health and economic growth.

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png


In this section you find all relevant press information about bizpando. 

Facts and Figures

Press Releases

Screenshot 2024-05-28 131051.png

New Features for bizpando: Enterprise Structure, Reports and REST API

New premium functions complement existing features such as complaint management with ‘whistlehorn’. Basic and premium functions simplify the process for SMEs and corporations alike


Infographic: One Year Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Over 1.000 companies from various industries in 20 countries worldwide are represented on the B2B compliance platform. Major growth through cooperation with German healthcare providers and P.E.G. eG


One Year of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act: bizpando AG reports success figures and celebrates 1.000 companies on the platform

Over 1.000 companies from various industries in 20 countries worldwide are represented on the B2B compliance platform. Major growth through cooperation with German healthcare providers and P.E.G. eG


bizpando and P.E.G. eG support large healthcare providers in the implementation of the German Supply Chain Act

Barmherzige Brüder Krankenhausverbund, ISAR Klinikum, Johannesbad Gruppe, Universitätsmedizin Rostock, Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken, Westpfalz Klinikum and others have opted for bizpando

Screenshot_bizpando_digitale_Lieferkette (1).png

Supply chain transparency with just a few clicks: bizpando now enables an efficient audit process

B2B compliance platform implements supply chain laws smartly, collaboratively and free of charge / In addition to self-disclosure and whistleblower function, audit marketplace is core function

Press Kit

Facts and Figures

Learn more about our compliance platform solution for companies of all sizes and industries

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companies of all sizes

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

Press Contact


Sarah Sellner

Head of Corporate Communications

E-Mail: press[at]

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