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About us

The UN Guidelines on Corporate Accountability exist since 2011. The discussion about the deviated German Supply Chain Act, especially the one about the complexity, cost and competitiveness, drove us to develop bizpando, a freemium platform designed to help exactly on these issues.

We have the ambitious goal to unite buyers, suppliers, customers and partners in a global network along entire supply chains, to support them to do, what seems self-evident: Meet the requirements on human rights and environmental standards.


We support you by making it efficient and cost effective.

We saw the issues and we saw the solution, so our team and partners united their talents and expertise to develop the best platform, material and infrastructure for you, to assess your and your supplier’s compliance on corporate accountability.


Ten years ago, our team was founded by six dedicated people with an IT background. Our areas of expertise are among others: Process consulting, project management, software development and sales. Whether as CIO in large companies, project managers of SAP implementation projects, software developers or as a process-oriented sales specialist, we have many years of working experience as consultants in the upper midmarket and at corporate level.

Over time, our team was complemented by various other team members from different backgrounds. In addition to that, bizpando is supported by leading professors in the fields of law and sustainability, who substantially contributed to the development of the self-assessment tools and questionnaires and by other partners. Each team member works daily on the development of bizpando with their sparkling passion and visionary ideas. We are united and driven by our calling to support those who want to change the world.






















Early adopter

Will your company be affected by the upcoming supply chain laws? And are you interested in shaping the process of human rights compliance with your knowledge about your overallsupply chain? You can join bizpando now as an early adopter, get free access to the platform and communicate as well as give feedback to the builders! You can be the first that is compliant with the supply chain laws.

We will start with a kick-off meeting and support you in the process of inviting tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, improve your compliance level and participate on workshops discussing the process. If you are interested, contact us now!

About cooperations

Momentum Novum

Momentum Novum supports companies and public institutions of all sizes in identifying their sustainability potential, developing strategies and implementing concrete measures. We understand that every organization works differently and has its own goals. That's why we offer consulting and training services tailored to our clients' specific situations, helping to integrate sustainability into corporate identity, strategy, and practice.

Among other services, Momentum Novum offers support in the implementation of the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act, the development of sustainability strategies based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or approaches to the circular economy. With its international network and close cooperation with scientific institutions, Momentum Novum stands out for its services in the areas of sustainable business management, innovation management, strategy development and transformation management. The agency specializes in innovative methods such as design thinking, co-creation and strategic foresight approaches.


Initiate the climate transformation in a targeted manner

The Sustainability Innovation Hub is a platform for innovation and sustainability that brings companies and organizations together to collaborate on a sustainable future. The goal of the Hub is to find and implement straightforward solutions to ESG challenges. To this end, we offer a network for stakeholders, a space for collaboration and co-creation, as well as workshops, trainings and accompanying consulting for the development of sustainable innovations. Digital solutions from the Hub partners support our customers' sustainability transformation process on many levels - for example, in supply chains, in the implementation of Net Zero tasks, in ESG controlling and reporting, and in stakeholder analysis.



The BFMT Group is an independent consulting firm specializing in tax consulting, auditing and management consulting, which was founded in spring 2007. Companies are successfully advised in the areas of tax, audit, compliance and advisory.

BFMT is based in Bavaria but with a supra-regional focus - for example through its accounting and audit expertise under US law (e.g. IT audits according to SSAE 18 standard). With their competent and ambitious team, they always design the best possible individual solution for their clients.


compliance-net GmbH is an independent, cross-industry and also internationally active company based in Dreieich and Siegburg in Germany, which has seen itself as a pilot for companies for over 13 years, helping them to safely navigate through the constancy of change around the topics of governance, risk, compliance, ISMS, KRITIS, data protection, supervisory law, audit and internal audit, as well as audit-related consulting. At the heart of this is, of course, the interdisciplinary team, which consists of both highly experienced, permanent employees and hand-picked freelance colleagues. They act cross-sectorally, transparently and confidentially, and are able to pass on their extensive knowledge to the projects, and thus also to the companies. Among other things, compliance-net GmbH also certifies sustainability activities for its clients.

accelcon industrial engineering GmbH offers a wide range of solutions and services for the optimization of processes and plants in industrial manufacturing. With our solutions


for the Digital Factory, a holistic approach and a high quality orientation, we help increase efficiency and cost savings for manufacturing companies and are a reliable partner for companies of all sizes. We upgrade existing plants with new sensor and communication technology in a cost-effective and task-oriented manner. We accelerate the digital transformation, create added value and increase the added value for our customers. A complete conversion of production plants is often not absolutely necessary. 


As the first purchasing association for clinics, healthcare and social facilities on the German market, we can now look back on more than 50 years together. Headquartered in Munich, PEG has approximately 650 co-owners and serves more than 3,200 healthcare and social facilities, including facilities in the acute, rehabilitation, senior and nursing care sectors as well as the partial and non-inpatient market.

With the values of solidarity, trust and continuity, we grow with our members and make a valuable contribution to the improvement of the German healthcare system and the quality of treatment within the framework of procurement management. We specialize in supporting healthcare facilities with cross-divisional services and advising them on their path to climate neutrality.

You have an industry-specific certification program, but don't want to build a global infrastructure and take care of software development and ongoing maintenance? Your core business is sustainability and not IT? We would be happy to host your specific certificate. Companies using your certification will have the same free features, subscriptions or transaction fees as usual on the platform, without any surcharges. Contact us now and let's improve the world of compliance together.

Open for other certificates

We are working every day to build a platform that connects the world of business to enable transparent supply chains where value is automatically shared between participants.  


bizpando will bring the global supply chain laws into action.​

It won‘t change the world, but it will support those who want to.​

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