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not a Marathon, but a Relay Race.

bizpando Basics webinar for new users (in German): July 4 at 11 am CEST. More info

Together, we create supply chain transparency with just a few clicks.

bizpando is a B2B platform on which each company completes simple tasks, resulting in a big picture of supply chain compliance for all. Our approach is based on the sharing economy and offers a flexible solution for companies of all sizes and industries.

Open Platform

  • For companies of all sizes and industries

  • Basic functions for free

Lean Functions

  • Simple traffic light system to show compliance status

  • Standardized questionnaires and automated sharing of compliance information

Shared Success

  • Full supply chain focused

  • Based on Sharing Economy

Start working in 10 minutes:

1. Fill out questionnaire

2. Invite your supplier or customer


companies of all sizes and various industries from


countries on



are already part of the bizpando platform:

Great benefits for everyone

bizpando detail


Companies can self-audit compliance and share it with their customers as well as collecting their overall supply chain and getting detailed compliance results from their suppliers on all sub levels.


Auditors can connect with companies and review their compliance to giving them a higher trust level as the self-audit, which will also automatically shared with companies customers.


Transparency and truthfulness are core elements of bizpando. The platform provides NGOs with the opportunity to independently report findings on companies’ compliance.

bizpando brings the global supply chain laws into action:


Holistic – Every business in every size can join for free, to get compliant for all relevant supply chain acts.  


Lightweight – The web-based platform provides a fast and easy registration, simple self-assessments and supporting import functions for company invitations.



Sharing economy – Companies link with one another and thus create a transparent supply chain, whos compliance results and news are shared and aggregated in a dashboard.

Unlike other supply chain products, bizpando has a holistic approach which leads to a platform where every company, from small to big can join with free base functions. In combination with the lightweight process of mutual invitation and self-audit, a global network of linked business arises where each chain member raises the benefit for everyone. This sharing economy is the fundament of bizpando and helps to reduce the costs and efforts for the whole audit process.

Global reach

Legal requirements


The legal requirements for companies and their legal supply chains are constantly evolving (e.g. German Supply Chain Act, French Loi de Vigilance and British Modern Slavery Act). To get an overview of the law’s companies have to fulfil, we summarized the currently applicable global laws and their legal scope for you. 

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

Contact us

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All about: Supply Chain Due Diligence and Transparency

Supply chain due diligence and transparency are increasingly important topics for companies, especially in light of new regulatory requirements such as the German Supply Chain Act and the planned European Supply Chain Act. They aim to promote and ensure respect for human rights and environmental standards in companies' supply chains.


Understanding Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply chain due diligence refers to the process that companies go through to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for risks to human rights and the environment in their supply chain. This can include assessing suppliers, introducing codes of conduct, implementing monitoring and verification processes and responding appropriately to identified risks.


Meaning of Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain transparency refers to the visibility of the different stages and actors in a supply chain, from raw material extraction to the end customer. A high level of transparency enables companies to recognise risks and carry out effective due diligence practices. It also promotes stakeholder trust as it demonstrates a company's ability to effectively manage its supply chain and take responsibility for its impacts.


Supply Chain Due Diligence and Transparency in action

To achieve effective due diligence and transparency in their supply chain, companies need to take various steps. This can include conducting risk assessments, working with suppliers to improve practices, implementing monitoring and reporting systems and setting up grievance mechanisms.


Conclusion and Outlook

Conducting supply chain due diligence and promoting transparency are not only important to ensure compliance with legal requirements, but they can also provide significant business benefits. Companies that successfully implement these practices can strengthen their supply chains, improve their risk management, enhance their brand image and gain the trust of their stakeholders. Given the growing regulatory and societal expectations for responsible entrepreneurship, these topics will become even more important in the future. With bizpando, these requirements can already be realised today.

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