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Connect the world of business for positive impact

Many supply chain laws are coming down on companies. bizpando puts them into action, with a focus on low effort and costs for our customers. We are an all-in-one platform to connect, share and get a real-time insight into the compliance of your overall supply chain. bizpando enables companies to create a transparent future with positive impact to human rights and environmental health.


The platform shortly explained

Great benefits

for everybody


Companies can self-audit compliance and share it with their customers as well as collecting their overall supply chain and getting detailed compliance results from their suppliers on all sub levels.


Auditors can connect with companies and review their compliance to giving them a higher trust level as the self-audit, which will also automatically shared with companies customers.


Transparency and truthfulness are core elements of bizpando. The platform provides NGOs with the opportunity to independently report findings on companies’ compliance.


Holistic – Every business in every size can join for free, to get compliant for all relevant supply chain acts.  


Lightweight – The web-based platform provides a fast and easy registration, simple self-assessments and supporting import functions for company invitations.



Sharing economy – Companies link with one another and thus create a transparent supply chain, whos compliance results and news are shared and aggregated in a dashboard.

bizpando will bring the global supply chain laws into action.​

It won‘t change the world, but it will support those who want to.​


The legal requirements for companies and their legal supply chains are constantly evolving (e.g. German Supply Chain Act, French Loi de Vigilance and British Modern Slavery Act). To get an overview of the law’s companies have to fulfil, we summarized the currently applicable global laws and their legal scope for you. 

Legal requirements

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Pando is the latin word for “I spread” and the name for the Pando tree. The tree, which is also known as the trembling giant, is the world's most massive clonal organism located in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah. 

The organism spreads from a single root system. The tree symbolizes our understanding and vision for bizpando – a business network for compliance of companies along the supply chain.


Are you interested in learning more about corporate responsibility for human rights and environmental standards? Do you want to get to know more about the global advantages of an efficient implementation of these rights? Click here to read about it on the cahres website.

Unlike other supply chain products, bizpando has a holistic approach which leads to a platform where every company, from small to big can join with free base functions. In combination with the lightweight process of mutual invitation and self-audit, a global network of linked business arises where each chain member raises the benefit for everyone. This sharing economy is the fundament of bizpando and helps to reduce the costs and efforts for the whole audit process.

Global reach

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