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Partners and Cooperations

In this section you will find out why over 2500 companies from 29 countries are part of the bizpando platform. You will also learn more about the companies and partners we work with and our open platform approach. Just click on a category you are interested in and you will jump directly there.

Our Open Platform Approach

Find out more about the open platform approach and who bizpando already cooperates with.

open platform
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bizpando is an open platform. It is based on CrossLoom, an enterprise service bus that provides countless interfaces and other services.

At bizpando, we encourage enterprises that wish to use our platform to offer their third-party services to contact us about this. The integration of external certificates on bizpando is already on the agenda and inquiries in this regard are of course welcome.


Unlike other supply chain solutions, bizpando has a holistic approach which leads to a platform where every company, from small to big can join with free base functions. In combination with the lightweight process of mutual invitation and self-audit, a global network of linked business arises where each chain member raises the benefit for everyone. This sharing economy is the fundament of bizpando and helps to reduce the costs and efforts for the whole audit process.

You have an industry-specific certification program, but don't want to build a global infrastructure and take care of software development and ongoing maintenance? Your core business is sustainability and not IT? We would be happy to host your specific certificate. Companies using your certification will have the same free features, subscriptions or transaction fees as usual on the platform, without any surcharges. Contact us now and let's improve the world of compliance together.

We are open for other certificates

Meet our expert network

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png


Find out more about the experts we are working with.




The balance between data security and transparency forms the core of our work.

We are convinced of the bizpando platform because it fulfils our high demands on information security and compliance standards.

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Tobias Kraus

BFMT Group


The BFMT Group is an independent consulting firm specializing in tax consulting, auditing and management consulting, which was founded in spring 2007. Companies are successfully advised in the areas of tax, audit, compliance and advisory.

BFMT is based in Bavaria but with a supra-regional focus - for example through its accounting and audit expertise under US law (e.g. IT audits according to SSAE 18 standard). With their competent and ambitious team, they always design the best possible individual solution for their clients.


compliance-net GmbH is an independent, cross-industry and also internationally active company based in Dreieich and Siegburg in Germany, which has seen itself as a pilot for companies for over 13 years, helping them to safely navigate through the constancy of change around the topics of governance, risk, compliance, ISMS, KRITIS, data protection, supervisory law, audit and internal audit, as well as audit-related consulting. At the heart of this is, of course, the interdisciplinary team, which consists of both highly experienced, permanent employees and hand-picked freelance colleagues. They act cross-sectorally, transparently and confidentially, and are able to pass on their extensive knowledge to the projects, and thus also to the companies. Among other things, compliance-net GmbH also certifies sustainability activities for its clients.

Ypsilon GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft_3a23e258-d9ff-48c4-88b1-fffb5cad6823.png

Ypsilon is a young, owner-managed consulting firm with three integrated business divisions - Tax, Audit & Advisory - and more than 150 highly qualified employees in Cologne, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Our clients are passionate financial service providers, investors, initiators and entrepreneurs, whom we support with our interdisciplinary teams in dealing with their individual challenges. We combine local expertise and individuality with the cross-location experience of more than 40 professionals and attach great importance to sustainable and personal relationships with our employees and clients.



A strong network is comparable to a foundation for a stable house and is essential for success.

I am therefore convinced of bizpando's platform approach because the strong network also wins with bizpando and the company's resources are conserved in the long term.

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Wolfgang Evers

external Data Protection Officer


ideas & more GmbH is a management consultancy specialising in restructuring, efficiency enhancement and growth. We support medium-sized companies in various phases from turnaround to peak performance. In addition to classic financial issues, our focus is on performance management in order to ensure the survival of companies and to further expand their market and competitiveness.

Momentum Novum supports companies and public institutions of all sizes in identifying their sustainability potential, developing strategies and implementing concrete measures. We understand that every organization works differently and has its own goals. That's why we offer consulting and training services tailored to our clients' specific situations, helping to integrate sustainability into corporate identity, strategy, and practice.


Initiate the climate transformation in a targeted manner

The Sustainability Innovation Hub is a platform for innovation and sustainability that brings companies and organizations together to collaborate on a sustainable future. The goal of the Hub is to find and implement straightforward solutions to ESG challenges. To this end, we offer a network for stakeholders, a space for collaboration and co-creation, as well as workshops, trainings and accompanying consulting for the development of sustainable innovations. Digital solutions from the Hub partners support our customers' sustainability transformation process on many levels - for example, in supply chains, in the implementation of Net Zero tasks, in ESG controlling and reporting, and in stakeholder analysis.



Sustain Legal is a law firm that specialises in sustainability matters. The firm sees people and the environment as the most important resources for a functioning and sustainable society.

As an experienced problem solver, Astrid Meyer-Krumenacker helps medium-sized companies to secure their business success and minimise their risks by introducing whistleblower systems, compliance management systems and implementing the requirements of the German Supply Chain Act. She also offers online seminars and workshops on various topics relating to compliance, corruption prevention, whistleblower systems and supply chain due diligence obligations.

accelcon industrial engineering GmbH offers a wide range of solutions and services for the optimization of processes and plants in industrial manufacturing. With our solutions


for the Digital Factory, a holistic approach and a high quality orientation, we help increase efficiency and cost savings for manufacturing companies and are a reliable partner for companies of all sizes. We upgrade existing plants with new sensor and communication technology in a cost-effective and task-oriented manner. We accelerate the digital transformation, create added value and increase the added value for our customers. A complete conversion of production plants is often not absolutely necessary. 


In 2020, Wolfgang Evers, together with Adina Weiss, Jörg Maiwald, Steffen Müller, Ralph Griesz, Jakob Schreiber, Volker Wassermann and Wolfgang Glasbrenner, founded the DSZ Expert Network, a strong network of experts in consulting, training, implementation of GDPR, information security and standards.

The team takes care of your data protection, whistleblower protection and advises on cyber insurance. They focus on holistic data protection consulting and professional solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry. 

Interest Groups and Associations

interest groups

For us, sustainable management in the healthcare sector takes centre stage. It requires reliable partners, because only together can we achieve more.

With this conviction, we select sustainable solutions for our members in the healthcare sector as well as for our cross-sector customers. By working with bizpando, we ensure that clinics, healthcare and social institutions fulfil the requirements of the LkSG on the one hand and internalise and live the core values of P.E.G. eG on the other: solidarity, trust and continuity.

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Gerhard Heß

P.E.G. eG



Universitätsklinikum Leipzig


As the first purchasing group for clinics, healthcare and social facilities on the German market, PEG can now look back on more than 50 years. Based in Munich, it has around 650 co-owners and supports over 3,200 healthcare and social facilities, including facilities in the acute, rehabilitation, senior citizens and care sectors as well as the partial and non-stationary market.

With the values of solidarity, trust and continuity, it grows with its members. In the area of procurement management, it makes a valuable contribution to improving the German healthcare system and the quality of treatment. PEG specialises in supporting healthcare facilities with cross-sector services and actively accompanying them on their path to climate neutrality. 




Sustify is a new form of eLearning solution specifically designed for production workers. They offer eLearning courses for human rights, including occupational health and safety, presented in simple language. Gamified with a focus on the essentials.


XU sustainable offers sustainability training programs that inspire, empower and impart essential knowledge to employees. This gives companies important expertise and the tools to address challenges of new political regulations, such as implementing CSR, to combine sustainable development and corporate goals while meeting the demands of markets and stakeholders.

third party services
success stories

Third Party Services


The CYRACO solution utilizes machine learning and augmented reality (AR) to offer the simplest method for conducting remote audits—fast and in real time. The inspection takes place using an augmented reality app or smart glasses, with the auditor able to direct the process from the comfort of their office. To do this, the auditor guides an employee of the company to be tested, even if they are thousands of kilometers away. And, because the inspection is carried out in real time, it is possible to intervene at any time to look more closely at specific details or have these displayed.

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

Success Stories

Here we show you examples of cooperation with various companies and interest groups.

bizpando and P.E.G. eG support large healthcare providers to implement the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

Logo Combi für Anschreiben Kliniken_Zeichenfläche 1.png
  • Compliance platform and purchasing association expand existing cooperation to include LkSG services

  • Barmherzige Brüder Krankenhausverbund, ISAR Klinikum, Johannesbad Gruppe, Universitätsmedizin Rostock, Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken, Westpfalz Klinikum and others have decided in favour of bizpando

  • Service provider 3Txpert GmbH takes over the entire supplier invitation process

  • Companies from other sectors and the first auditors are already using the bizpando platform

What they say about bizpando

For the University of Leipzig Medical Center, the topic of the LkSG has become a major focus over the past year. One positive realisation for me was that we need fewer resources for implementation than originally thought.

The bizpando platform and 3Txpert GmbH take a lot off our hands, which was also the key objective of the cooperation. This year, I'm excited to see how we can strengthen our collaboration with suppliers and take the next steps in the implementation process.

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Johanna Martin

University of Leipzig Medical Center

SME Heroes

One of these is Frischdienst Union, which has 180 employees and is based in Versmold (Gütersloh district). As a wholesaler for food, they supply kitchens for communal catering as well as bakeries and butchers, among others, with fresh and frozen products.

Why is Frischdienst Union as an SME already active on the bizpando platform?


Helge Enders, Head of Quality Assurance, says: "We firmly believe that, regardless of the size of a company, compliance with ethical standards and ensuring a sustainable supply chain are of the utmost importance. We realise that responsibility for our products starts at the very beginning of the value chain. The decisions we make when selecting our suppliers can have a direct impact on people's lives, be it in terms of working conditions, fair wages or environmental protection measures. We therefore see it as our duty to ensure that our supply chain is as transparent, fair and sustainable as possible. Even as a smaller company, we recognise the impact of our actions on society, the environment and the economy. Therefore, by partnering with bizpando, we want to ensure that our supply chain is free from exploitation, human rights violations and environmental damage. Only by working together can we make a positive change and promote a more ethical and sustainable economy."

The Frischdienst Union firmly believes that, regardless of the size of a company, compliance with ethical standards and ensuring a sustainable supply chain are of paramount importance.

Even as a smaller company, we recognise the impact of our actions on society, the environment and the economy. Therefore, by partnering with bizpando, we want to ensure that our supply chain is free from exploitation, human rights violations and environmental damage. Only by working together can we bring about positive change and promote a more ethical and sustainable economy.

Linkedin bizpando Beiträge (Präsentation (43)) (20).png

Helge Enders

Frischdienst Union

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

Contact us

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On our platform, over 2,000 companies of all sizes and from different sectors are already working together to implement the LkSG and are already preparing for the upcoming CSDDD. The majority of these are SMEs, i.e. smaller and medium sized companies with up to 249 employees. Most of these companies are not yet directly affected by the German supply chain law, but are already taking major steps towards greater transparency and cooperation in the international supply chain.

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