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Success Stories

Here we show you examples of cooperation with various companies and interest groups.

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bizpando and P.E.G. eG support large healthcare providers to implement the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

  • Compliance platform and purchasing association expand existing cooperation to include LkSG services

  • Barmherzige Brüder Krankenhausverbund, ISAR Klinikum, Johannesbad Gruppe, Universitätsmedizin Rostock, Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken, Westpfalz Klinikum and others have decided in favour of bizpando

  • Service provider 3Txpert GmbH takes over the entire supplier invitation process

  • Companies from other sectors and the first auditors are already using the bizpando platform

What they say about bizpando

For the University of Leipzig Medical Center, the topic of the LkSG has become a major focus over the past year. One positive realisation for me was that we need fewer resources for implementation than originally thought.

The bizpando platform and 3Txpert GmbH take a lot off our hands, which was also the key objective of the cooperation. This year, I'm excited to see how we can strengthen our collaboration with suppliers and take the next steps in the implementation process.

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Johanna Martin

University of Leipzig Medical Center



Universitätsklinikum Leipzig

We create supply chain transparency in a few clicks. (5).png

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