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All in One: Compliance, Efficiency, Anonymity

We created a lean process that offers reliable execution of whistleblowing directives for your organisation. At the same time it provides secure access for whistleblowers.

whistlehorn: designed for Whistleblower Acts

Why whistlehorn

  • Public whistleblowing form

  • Efficient case management

  • Predefined deadlines

  • Anonymous chats

Our approach in a nutshell

Each participant



Whistleblowers can send hints safely to the responsible case agent. After that the status can be checked and new information can be exchanged through an anonymous chat.


Companies can handle hints from whistleblowers through the case management app internally or externally. The standardized workflows support each role and the cases can be investigated faster with risk categories.

External Case Mgmt. Services

External Service Provider for managing cases can be assigned from companies to outsource the whistle blowing management. They will investigate cases, exchanging information with the whistleblower and report the results.

Whistleblower Act

main points

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