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Easy process

Proceed to answer the self-audit questionnaire.

Getting started

Create an account for free.

Fill out the information about your company.

Make the connection

Invite your own customers and suppliers into your overall supply chain as legal entities. If you wish to, you can anonymize specific suppliers' names while still displaying their questionnaire results in your overview.

Get answers

Your suppliers and customers will then proceed to answer the questionnaires about their business and invite also their customers and suppliers.

Analyze the results

You will immediately receive an automated compliance report about your supply chain and the results of every participant in it.

Improvement areas will be indicated by a three-tier traffic light system.

Achieve compliance

Optimize your supply chain, get audit certificates and become compliant to the law.

Overall supply chain

From a legal perspective it is not relevant, if only some products of a company contain material from non-compliant suppliers. Therefor bizpando takes the overall supply chain of the logged in legal entity into account and not separated product specific supply chains.


Supply chains

Free participation


You can register, self-audit and invite your suppliers and customers for free. So that any company can participate regardless of its size, industry or country of incorporation.

Compliance check


Find out if your business is in compliance with the German Supply Chain Act and other upcoming similar laws. You can simple self-audit your own business areas and/or get audited by customers or auditors.

Supply chain surfing


Check the compliance of your supply chain members on all tier level. You can surf through the chain by clicking on your supplier and get also aggregated compliance results for sub chains.

Work with


Find and work together with auditors that are specialised on supply chain acts. Get complaints from your supply chain and find experts who will manage them.

Stay up to date

On your dashboard you get all relevant information in real time to make decisions like KPIs, Diagrams and a News Feed about what is happening in your supply



You will get detailed explanations about the laws, technical terms and requirements the German Supply Chain Act and other upcoming similar laws have towards cooperation.

Multiple Audit Usage

You will get all audit results from your complete supply chain and share your own audit results with your customers without having to complete additional questionnaires.

Features for companies

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